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County Level Competitions

Swim competitions are organised by all Competitive Clubs and here at Colchester Swimming Club we are proud promoters of swimming competitions.

Below is a list of events that we are hosting and will be attending over the comng months.

This can also be seen on our Competitions Calender (click here)

Our Meet Promoter

Helen Stephens is our very own qualified British Referee and has been our Meet Organiser for all our club Swimming Competitions.

Helen Stephens

Braintree Leisure and Fitness

Colchester Swimming Club
Summer Spectacular Development Meet 2024

The Colchester Swimming Club Summer Spectacular Development Meet shall be held at the Braintree Swimming & Fitness, Charter Way, Essex, Braintree CM77 8YJ.

Meet Summary

Meet Licence No.   3ER240461
Meet Date:              13th & 14th July 2024
Meet Venue:            Braintree Swimming & Fitness
No. of Pool Lanes:  8
Pool Type:                25m
Meet Level:              Level 3
Age Groups:            9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 & over
Age on Day:            13th July 2024
Awards:                   1st, 2nd & 3rd in each age group
Events:                    50's, 100's, 400 Freestyle, 200IM, 400IM
Spectator Fee:        £6.00
Enquiries:               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Meet Promoter:      Helen Stephens
Meet Closing Date:      Midnight 24th June 2024
Parking at the Swimming Pool is available in the Freeport Braintree Outlet Centre Car Park. This car park offers 6 hours of free parking. If you intend to park here for longer than 6 hours, you will need to visit the Tourist Information Centre inside Freeport Braintree (which is located opposite Costa Coffee) and show proof of purchase from a retailer inside the Shopping Centre which has been made on the day you intend to park.

Payment for long stay parking can be made by phone or online. Non-shoppers can register by phone by calling 0203 046 0010, quote the location code 5199 and use your credit or debit card to pay. To register & pay online: visit

Entry Link

Meet Conditions & Promoter's Notes
Programme of Events
Upper Entry Times
Coach Passes can be obtained through Gala Organiser using the Click to Enter link above.

CSC Last Chance County Qualifier 2023
Please click the button below for the results of our recent gala.

2023 Essex Age Group Championships

The full results for the 2023 Age Group Championships can be found on the Swim England Essex website (click here).

This year’s Championships was a great event where we saw the Competition hosted by a whole host of volunteers from the top Essex clubs!

A huge thank you to all swimmers and volunteers!

2022 Last Chance County Qualifier Meet

The full results of the Colchester Swimming Club Last Chance County Qualifier Meet 2023 can be found via the button below.

Process for entering UNSUPPORTED Meets

The purpose of this note is to give you guidance about the process for entering unsupported meets, and to help us manage the expectations of other clubs that are hosting those meets.

If you are thinking about entering a meet then, in the first instance, please check with your coach so that they can advise you as to whether you can/should make an individual entry directly to the hosting club (typical for unsupported meets) or whether our club will make a group entry (typical for meets that are supported by the club).

This distinction is important for the reasons explained below.

Firstly (and most importantly), safeguarding considerations differ between supported and unsupported meets.

In particular, for unsupported meets, you assume responsibility for the safeguarding of your swimmer. The hosting club will usually set out their expectations regarding the supervision of swimmers. For example, they will typically require a team manager to present and may require coaches to attend when the number of swimmers exceeds a certain minimum.

Consequently, the onus is upon you (and not the club) to ensure that you can satisfy the necessary requirements to attend the meet (for example, because you have the appropriate accreditation to supervise your swimmer poolside, or are aware that a team manager from our club will be present and that you agree/have their agreement for them to supervise your swimmer).

In particular, you should not assume that the club will provide the appropriate supervision for unsupported meets.

(For supported meets, the club assumes responsibility for the safeguarding of swimmers in accordance with the supervision guidelines issued by Swim England.)

Secondly, the conditions of most swimming meets will specify the maximum number of individual entries that will be accepted by the hosting club and that, beyond this, visiting clubs are instead expected to submit a single electronic file for the entries of their swimmers. Sometimes the host club will not accept any individual entries (the expectation being that entries will be supported by attending clubs).

For meets where it is appropriate for you to make an individual entry, you should email the meet promotor of the hosting club in the first instance to confirm that your entry can be accepted. We recommend that you attach the completed entry form to your request, but that you refrain from making payment until you receive confirmation that your entry can be accepted (This avoids burdening the host club with the need to process refunds in the event that your entry is rejected).

In some cases, the meet promoter of the hosting club may give you some guidance or have some questions about your entry, which you might need to refer to the club and, occasionally, entries may need to be restricted or withdrawn.

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