Captains Corner

Welcome to your Captains Corner
Purpose of your Club Captains and who they're responsible to..
The Club Captains act as a positive figurehead for all swimmers and the Club. Your captains are reposible to the Club Committee (or, in certain cases, their delegated personnel e.g. subcommittees, coaches, team managers)
Here's what you can expect from your Club Captains
What you can expect from your Club Captains
To provide leadership by;
- Attending all galas, either as competitor or as team captain
- Promoting good behaviour, team spirit and encouraging respect within the Club
- Promoting a positive attitude to training
- Promoting a positive image of the Club
The duties of your Club Captains are:

- Support and encouragement of all swimmers in all squads during training and competition
- Representation of the Club as swimmers’ leader during competition
- Liaison with coaches regarding support with training eg ensuring prompt start to warm up
- Promote team spirit and fair play
- Follow and promote ASA and Club Child Protection Policy
- Help supervise, referring to other Club officials if necessary, behaviour in changing rooms, at galas, at training sessions and during coach travel
- Assist with social events throughout the year
- Liaise with other Captains/Vice Captains to ensure representation by at least one at all events/meetings
- Support team managers/coaches with galas by:

- Advising other team members of selection
1. - Ensuring completion of team sheet by swimmers
2. - Supporting on poolside to help manage the team
3. - Help wherever possible at Club events ie Club Championships, Open Meet, Time Trials, in addition to swimming

Selections process

1. Chief coach asks all her coaching team for swimmer nominations based on training attitude, commitment, attendance and support for teammates and the coaches.  

2. Those swimmers are then invited to attend a 15 minute structured interview if they wish to be considered.

3. The interview panel make the selection based on quality of ideas, clarity of thought, level of commitment and a clear demonstration of good behaviours through past examples.  

4. We try to make the process a positive learning experience to help our swimmers prepare for future college/job interviews.
More about your Club Captains
Kalaum Corani
Hello, My name is Kalaum and this year I am one of your captains. I have been swimming at the club for about 9 years and I was at the academy for a year or two before that. I have met so many amazing people through my time at the club and I have formed such close relationships with the swimmers and coaches that have been around me.
As captain I will try to help everywhere that I can and try to be a good role model. I also hope to create a closer connection between swimmers over all ages and squads. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask one of us, we will always be happy to help.
Sandjis Cecins
Vice Captain
Hey there! My name is Sandijs Cecins and as many of you know I am one of the vice captains for Colchester swimming club. I have swam for nearly over six years of my life and have loved it since the first day I started. I have been a very fond swimmer and nevertheless very hard working to strive for my swimming career and goals. I was born in Latvia and moved to England at the age of three years-old, however making friends was not a challenging task at all as I am a very welcoming, understandable and approachable person, so there is nothing to worry about when speaking to me. As well as that, I am very helpful and I love to add a few tiny sparkles of comedy in my speech to make people happy. Also, there is no doubt in me helping people if they are going through tough periods in their life, as I am more than willing to help and chat about your feelings (if you need someone who listens and tries their best to make you happy). Additionally, in training, as I have mentioned, I am a very hard working swimmer but other than pushing myself to greatness, I also encourage many other swimmers to believe in themselves and not be scared to take risks and in life if you don't take risks then you won't become a better version of yourself. And finally, I show much appreciation of the club taking me in especially all of the coaches for training me to my best limits!
Molly Redgrave
Vice Captain
Hi everyone I'm Molly

I have the pleasure of being one of the girls vice-captains this season! I would love to be able to help everyone to feel welcome and part of our team during training and galas! I have been part of Colchester SC for almost 6 years now and have competed at county and regional competitions along with mini league and arena league!

The main aim within my role is to be there for anyone who needs me, if that means just being a friendly face around the club, sitting and having a chat at a gala, helping out with the younger swimmers or to speak about a worry if a coach is not available!

Hope you all enjoy this season and swim as best as you possibly can but most of all enjoy it!

Corey Hare
Vice Captain
Hi everyone, my name is Corey Hare, and I’m one of your boy’s Vice Captain’s for this coming year.   I have been at Colchester SC for 4 years this year, and I swim in the Performance Plus Squad.  
Swimming has been a big part of my life since I learnt to swim at the age of 4, but I have only been swimming competitively since the age of 10.  I was diagnosed with autism just before I turned 4 years old, and my parents thought swimming would be an important life skill for me to learn.  I’m so thankful to have found a real passion for swimming, and know that it will always be an important part of my life.
Since joining the “Colchester SC Family” I have learnt so much, and met so many people who have inspired, motivated and challenged me.  My proudest achievements here have included representing the Club at various competitive levels, including Club Championships, Mini League, Arena League, County and Regional Competitions as well as numerous competitive galas.   
When I go swimming it feels like I’m coming home, sharing so many hours poolside with people who share my passion for this sport is the best thing, creating memories and having fun is a bonus!  I want everyone to enjoy this amazing sport and to reap the benefits it provides, so whether you are just starting out on your swimming journey or you are already a competitive swimmer, I aim to be here to support you.  

Zoe Clegg
Hi everyone! My name is Zoe Clegg and I am your ladies captain for this year. I have been a part of Colchester Swimming Club for 7 years and have learnt so much and met so many amazing people!

I hope that as captain, I am able to make your time at the club enjoyable, allowing you to create some wonderful memories in the same way that i have been fortunate enough to make. I’m so glad I have been given this opportunity to give back to the club which has taught me so much and i hope that through this role i am able to encourage younger swimmers to support one another and love swimming as much as i do!

Please feel free to come to me or any other of the captain team with any concerns or queries you may have as i would be more than happy to help!

Thank you so much!
Keziah Cornish
Vice Captain
Hi everyone, I’m Keziah and I am one of the Ladies Vice Captains for this upcoming year.
I have been competing for 7 years and have learnt so much from all these experiences and opportunities I’m fortunate enough to have been given.
Having had a few setbacks from not competing as well as I may have hoped over the years, I believe I’m able to encourage younger swimmers to persevere even when it seems difficult. I’d love to motivate and help swimmers reach their full potential, so please feel free to talk to me as I’d always be ready to help!
Overall, I want to make your time at the club as enjoyable as possible, and help swimmers develop the love for the sport that has so much to offer in life.

Passionate about competitive sports with strong family and social focus.

Continually providing a valuable service to the local community and giving people a place to go for physical fitness and social health for over 135 years!